About Us

Philippine Blue Cross Biotech Corporation was established in February 19, 1997 by a prominent entrepreneur Mr. Stephen C. Techico.  For years, our company has been one of the country’s most assertive players in the pharmaceutical industry. It has gained the much coveted seal of approval from different medical institutions and distributors, creating 100% acceptability in the Philippines.

Today, we continue to further imprint our name by delivering excellence in our products and services by addressing first the demands of our clients, guarantee the maximum level of customer satisfaction and secured that our products undergone the highest quality assurance at a reasonable price.

At Philippine Blue Cross Biotech Corporation, we believe that health comes first and we are very optimistic in bringing this inspiration to the forefront in today’s society. Our products are widely distributed to different markets such as clinics, hospitals, laboratories, drugstores, government bodies and other related institutions.  We continue to commit our service in providing health care and convenience to our clients with the use of diagnostic test, over-the-counter product lines, health machines and devices.


 We dedicate our sense of sincerity in providing the needs of our clients by developing high standard of excellence in our products and services at a reasonable cost.


We aim to be the best distributor of healthcare products, committed in empowering life and well-being of our partners and consumers, remain committed in providing innovative techniques and strategies and continuously aspire for market growth and opportunities.


As an organization, our values are guided by respect, teamwork, customer service reliability, trust, honesty, integrity, excellence, friendliness, and ingenuity.

Screening & Diagnostic Tests

We offer wide varieties of diagnostic test ranging from urinalysis, various communicable and sexually transmitted diseases, infectious diseases as well as drug abuse.

Over-the-Counter Products

From fertility tests to aid women in attaining successful pregnancies, to monitoring devices that detects potential harmful tendencies towards the body, we carry a selected range of OTC products that serves as temporal relief or minor medication. (Professional Opinion is still advised).

Machine & Health Equipments

We are supplying different health care machines and equipments for laboratory, hospital, clinic and other medical institutions. Align also are devices used to administer medication in the form of a mist inhaled into the lungs and glucose meters for monitoring blood glucose levels.